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Used Vinyl (Oshkosh) - 260+ FRESH Used Vinyl (9/9/23)

Eroding Winds

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A MASSIVE USED DROP HITTING THE FLOOR TODAY! Some fantastic titles in the mix spanning a wide spectrum of tastes. YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS ONE! Swing on by the Oshkosh store this weekend!

Used vinyl: 60 fresh used LPs - 6/5/2021

Adam Bartlett

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Real nice stack of stuff out on the floor today! Hot on the heels of a full new arrival row earlier in the week. Let's go!

(Webstore + Storefront) New vinyl new arrivals - February 23rd, 2018

Adam Bartlett

Tags New Arrivals, New Vinyl, Storefront, Webstore

FINALLY! We made our way through the immense backlog of new vinyl product that had arrived here, both new arrivals and restocks. All of this is on the floor now at our retail record shop in Oshkosh, Wisconsin AND available to order now online.

(Webstore + Storefront) New vinyl restocks - February 23rd, 2018

Adam Bartlett

Tags New Vinyl, Restocks, Storefront, Webstore

Now that Migration Fest stuff is finally underway and we're caught up on a million other tasks around the shop we have begun adding the huge backlog of new vinyl to the webstore. Much of this has been available at the retail record shop in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Tons of good stuff, and we'll be working on the new additions this weekend.

(Webstore & Storefront) New vinyl new arrivals & restocks - January 4th, 2018

Adam Bartlett

Tags New Arrivals, Restocks, Storefront, Webstore

We got in another couple shipments of primarily new arrival LPs here at the shop. Another 36 titles we hadn't stocked before, including a bunch of Rap vinyl that's new to us since we opened up an account with Traffic Entertainment! Lots of classic stuff here.

We also got a batch of new releases and restocks from Fallen Empire that you know you need. Everything you see below is available now in both the webstore and our brick n mortar retail record store in Oshkosh Wisconsin.