Selling Us Your Vinyl

We are always looking to buy used vinyl down here at Eroding Winds. While there's no specific genre we're interested in what we will pay is dictated by demand and condition. Feel free to contact either of our locations to make an appointment to sell your records. For large collections or visits on the weekends we will usually ask that you leave the records at the shop and we call you back the next day or two with an offer, depending on how busy we are. If you'd like to be certain your collection can be appraised for purchase while you wait please contact us for an appointment. 

We always make a greater off for store credit than we do for cash. 

Genres we're most interested in are Jazz, Blues, Prog & Psych, Classic Rock, Punk, Metal, Rap, and Electronic/Experimental. While we're always happy to check out any styles of music, those are the styles that we will pay more for. 

We are most interested in 33s (12 inch records) and 45s (7 inch records). We are not taking 78s at this time. 

The owner of Eroding Winds has over 25 years experience in buying, selling, and trading vinyl of all genres and styles. He has worked in every facet of the music industry since 2000 at retail record stores, music distributors, record labels, with touring bands, and festival promotion and production. We believe we will make you some of the fairest offers around for your used vinyl. These shops are run and staffed by people that have a passion for music, first and foremost. We want to get records to the people.