Ordering Guide

  • Most orders are dispatched within 3-4 business days from the date they are received. There may be delays in order turnaround time during periods of high order volume. Patience is required, we will ship all orders as quickly as possible and in the order they are received.
  • All orders ship with a USPS tracking number. Eroding Winds is not to be held responsible for packages that are lost or damaged after they’ve left our possession.
  • If you order new vinyl and you'd like it to be shipped outside the jacket you must notify us in advance. This is particularly important if you think the idea of receiving a record with a seam split is a problem. We will not consider a simple seam split damage as it is an inherent risk when ordering records through the mail. So if you do find seam splits to be an issue please request we open the records before shipping.
  • There are no refunds except in the event of defect, shipping error, or if an item is out of stock.
  • Please note, if you order anything listed as a pre-order, or something that’s noted to be arriving soon, then your entire order will be held until all items are in stock and ready to ship. Orders cannot be split. If you want your order split we will have to cancel it and the order must be replaced.
  • Some items may be out of stock. If something you ordered is out of stock we will either issue you a refund or contact you asking if you'd like an alternate item.