(Webstore + Storefront) New arrivals & restocks - July 25th, 2017

Adam Bartlett


Akatharsia, No Generation Without Corruption TAPE, $7.00
Bolt Thrower, Earache Peel Sessions LP, $22
Bolt Thrower, War Master LP reissue, $21
Chambre Froide, Rouges Chapelles LP, $15
Death Fortress, Triumph of the Undying LP, $16
Decapitated, Anticult LP, $17
Decrepit Birth, Axis Mundi 2LP, $26
Dokken, Tooth and Nail LP, $30
Ereb Altor, Ulfven LP, $23
Evoken, Embrace the Emptiness LP, $25
Expulsion, Nightmare Future Lp, $18
Ilmestys, The Noose Hangs From Heaven LP, $15
Immortal, Battles in the North LP, $23
Immortal, Pure Holocaust LP, $23
Integrity, Howling For the Nightmare Shall Consume 2LP, $25
Mróz, Charnel Ground TAPE, $6.00
Municipal Waste, The Fatal Feast LP, $18
San Junipero (Clint Mansell), Black Mirror Soundtrack LP, $21
Sanguine Eagle, Individuation TAPE, $7.00
Stranger Things (Dixon and Stein), Soundtrack Vol 1 Deluxe Edition 2LP, $42
Stranger Things (Dixon and Stein), Soundtrack Vol 2 Deluxe Edition 2LP, $42
Tau Cross, Pillar of Fire 2LP, $25
Triumvir Foul, Spiritual Bloodshed LP, $20
Triumvir Foul, Spiritual Bloodshed TAPE, $6.00
Wormlust, MMVI TAPE, $7.00



Bolt Thrower, Realm of Chaos LP reissue, $21
Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las Vegas LP, $20
Death, Human LP, $18
Kendrick Lamar, Damn. 2LP, $28
Mastodon, Remission 2LP, $26
Triumvir Foul, Self- titled TAPE, $6.00
Triumvir Foul, Self-titled LP, $16
Voivod, Killing Technology 180g LP, $25

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