New vinyl new arrivals & restocks (webstore & storefront) - July 15th, 2017

Adam Bartlett

Quite the stash of goodies we were sitting on here at the shop. The webstore is finally fully updated with all recent arrivals. Dig:

40 Watt Sun, Wider Than The Sky 2LP, $24
Au Champ Des Morts, Dans La Joie 2LP, $30
Autopsy, Mental Funeral PIC DISC LP, $27
Broken Hope, Mutilated LP, $25
Bug Vs Earth, Concrete Desert 2LP, $31
Carach Angren, Dance and Laugh LP, $19
Carcass, Necroticism LP, $21
Carl Craig, Versus LP (color vinyl), $26
Carpenter Brut, Live 180g 2LP, $38
Carpenter Brut, Trilogy 180g 3LP, $56
Celtic Frost, Into the Pandemonium 2LP, $36
Celtic Frost, Morbid Tales 180g 2LP reissue, $41
Celtic Frost, To Mega Therion 180g 2LP, $41
Celtic Frost, Vanity Nemesis 2LP, $36
Circle, Terminal LP, $15
Dio, Holy Diver t-shirt (sz Large & X-Large only), $20
Dying Fetus, Wrong One To Fuck With 2LP, $26
Eazy-E, Eazy Duz It 25th anniversary LP, $20
Ex Eye, Ex Eye LP, $17
Fleet Foxes, Crack-Up 2LP, $23
Flying Luttenbachers, Revenge Of (remastered) LP, $19
Gas, Narkopop 3LP+CD, $70
Ghost in the Shell (Kawai), Soundtrack LP, $44
Gravetemple, Impassable Fears LP, $21
Hush, Nihill Unbound LP, $15
Iced Earth, Incorruptible 2LP, $26
Iron Maiden, A Matter of Life and Death 180g 2LP, $28
Iron Maiden, Brave New World 180g 2LP, $28
Iron Maiden, Dance of Death 180g 2LP, $28
Iron Maiden, Rock in Rio 180g 3LP, $33
JJ Doom, Bookhead 12-inch EP reissue, $13
John Cage / Tudor, Variations IV Vol. 2 LP, $23
John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane, Cosmic Music LP, $23
John Coltrane, Giant Steps Mono Remaster LP, $21
John Coltrane, Trane: The Atlantic Collection LP, $18
John Lee Hooker, Plays and Sings the Blues 180g 2LP, $26
Jonwayne, Rap Album Two LP, $20
Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart 12-inch, $24
Judas Priest, Killing Machine  LP, $24
Judas Priest, Rocka Rolla 180g LP, $20
Judas Priest, Sad Wings Of Destiny 180g LP, $20
Judas Priest, Stained Class LP, $24
Katatonia, The Great Cold Distance LIVE 2LP, $28
Kendrick Lamar, DAMN. 2LP, $27
Logic, Everybody 2LP, $29
Maggot Brain, Stop and Breath LP, $12
Makaveli (2Pac), The 7 Day Theory LP, $22
Max Richter, Infra 180g LP, $22
Melvins, A Walk With Love and Death 2LP, $35
Municipal Waste, Slime and Punishment LP, $20
Mutoid Man, War Moans LP, $20
Nappy Roots, Watrermelon Chicken and Gritz 2LP, $28
Nas, Illmatic XX LP, $26
Necro, Death Rap 2LP, $29
Necro, Die! 2LP, $29
Necro, Gory Days 2LP, $25
Necrot, Blood Offerings LP, $16
Nonphixion, The Future is Now 2LP, $27
Norska, Too Many Winters LP, $18
Opera (Simonetti), Soundtrack LP, $30
Oxbow, The Thin Black Duke LP, $22
P.O.S., Chill Dummy LP, $23
Radiohead, OK Computer OKNOTOK 3LP (black vinyl), $33
Skepticism, Ordeal 2LP, $16
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Cipher 2LP, $23
Suffocation, Of the Dark Light (color vinyl) LP, $17
Sun Kil Moon, Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys of Blood 4LP, $39
Suzanne Ciani, Lixiviation LP, $27
The Cure, Acoustic Greatest Hits 2LP, $30
The Cure, Greatest Hits 2LP, $30
The Man In The Hight Castle (Various Artists), Resistance Radio 2LP, $30
The Smiths, Louder Than Bombs 180g 2LP, $30
The Smiths, The Smiths 180g LP, $24
Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane, The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings 180g 3LP, $82
Thin Lizzy, Black Rose LP, $28
Voivod, Dimension Hatross LP, $22
Warning, The Strength to Dream 2LP, $25
Warning, Watching From A Distance 2LP, $25
White Ward, Futility Report LP, $22
Wizards (Andrew Belling), Soundtrack LP, $31

Joy Division, Closer 180g LP, $18
Joy Division, Still 180g 2LP, $32
Joy Division, Substance 180g 2LP, $32
Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures 180g LP, $20
Pink Floyd, Meddle 180g LP, $28
MF DOOM, Operation Doomsday 2LP, $26
Converge, Caring and Killing 2LP, $25

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