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New vinyl new arrivals & restocks (webstore & storefront) - July 15th, 2017

New Arrivals Restocks Storefront Webstore

Quite the stash of goodies we were sitting on here at the shop. The webstore is finally fully updated with all recent arrivals. Dig:

40 Watt Sun, Wider Than The Sky 2LP, $24
Au Champ Des Morts, Dans La Joie 2LP, $30
Autopsy, Mental Funeral PIC DISC LP, $27
Broken Hope, Mutilated LP, $25
Bug Vs Earth, Concrete Desert 2LP, $31
Carach Angren, Dance and Laugh LP, $19
Carcass, Necroticism LP, $21
Carl Craig, Versus LP (color vinyl), $26
Carpenter Brut, Live 180g 2LP, $38
Carpenter Brut, Trilogy 180g 3LP, $56
Celtic Frost, Into the Pandemonium 2LP, $36
Celtic Frost, Morbid Tales 180g 2LP reissue, $41
Celtic Frost, To Mega Therion 180g 2LP, $41
Celtic Frost, Vanity Nemesis 2LP, $36
Circle, Terminal LP, $15
Dio, Holy Diver t-shirt (sz Large & X-Large only), $20
Dying Fetus, Wrong One To Fuck With 2LP, $26
Eazy-E, Eazy Duz It 25th anniversary LP, $20
Ex Eye, Ex Eye LP, $17
Fleet Foxes, Crack-Up 2LP, $23
Flying Luttenbachers, Revenge Of (remastered) LP, $19
Gas, Narkopop 3LP+CD, $70
Ghost in the Shell (Kawai), Soundtrack LP, $44
Gravetemple, Impassable Fears LP, $21
Hush, Nihill Unbound LP, $15
Iced Earth, Incorruptible 2LP, $26
Iron Maiden, A Matter of Life and Death 180g 2LP, $28
Iron Maiden, Brave New World 180g 2LP, $28
Iron Maiden, Dance of Death 180g 2LP, $28
Iron Maiden, Rock in Rio 180g 3LP, $33
JJ Doom, Bookhead 12-inch EP reissue, $13
John Cage / Tudor, Variations IV Vol. 2 LP, $23
John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane, Cosmic Music LP, $23
John Coltrane, Giant Steps Mono Remaster LP, $21
John Coltrane, Trane: The Atlantic Collection LP, $18
John Lee Hooker, Plays and Sings the Blues 180g 2LP, $26
Jonwayne, Rap Album Two LP, $20
Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart 12-inch, $24
Judas Priest, Killing Machine  LP, $24
Judas Priest, Rocka Rolla 180g LP, $20
Judas Priest, Sad Wings Of Destiny 180g LP, $20
Judas Priest, Stained Class LP, $24
Katatonia, The Great Cold Distance LIVE 2LP, $28
Kendrick Lamar, DAMN. 2LP, $27
Logic, Everybody 2LP, $29
Maggot Brain, Stop and Breath LP, $12
Makaveli (2Pac), The 7 Day Theory LP, $22
Max Richter, Infra 180g LP, $22
Melvins, A Walk With Love and Death 2LP, $35
Municipal Waste, Slime and Punishment LP, $20
Mutoid Man, War Moans LP, $20
Nappy Roots, Watrermelon Chicken and Gritz 2LP, $28
Nas, Illmatic XX LP, $26
Necro, Death Rap 2LP, $29
Necro, Die! 2LP, $29
Necro, Gory Days 2LP, $25
Necrot, Blood Offerings LP, $16
Nonphixion, The Future is Now 2LP, $27
Norska, Too Many Winters LP, $18
Opera (Simonetti), Soundtrack LP, $30
Oxbow, The Thin Black Duke LP, $22
P.O.S., Chill Dummy LP, $23
Radiohead, OK Computer OKNOTOK 3LP (black vinyl), $33
Skepticism, Ordeal 2LP, $16
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Cipher 2LP, $23
Suffocation, Of the Dark Light (color vinyl) LP, $17
Sun Kil Moon, Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys of Blood 4LP, $39
Suzanne Ciani, Lixiviation LP, $27
The Cure, Acoustic Greatest Hits 2LP, $30
The Cure, Greatest Hits 2LP, $30
The Man In The Hight Castle (Various Artists), Resistance Radio 2LP, $30
The Smiths, Louder Than Bombs 180g 2LP, $30
The Smiths, The Smiths 180g LP, $24
Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane, The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings 180g 3LP, $82
Thin Lizzy, Black Rose LP, $28
Voivod, Dimension Hatross LP, $22
Warning, The Strength to Dream 2LP, $25
Warning, Watching From A Distance 2LP, $25
White Ward, Futility Report LP, $22
Wizards (Andrew Belling), Soundtrack LP, $31

Joy Division, Closer 180g LP, $18
Joy Division, Still 180g 2LP, $32
Joy Division, Substance 180g 2LP, $32
Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures 180g LP, $20
Pink Floyd, Meddle 180g LP, $28
MF DOOM, Operation Doomsday 2LP, $26
Converge, Caring and Killing 2LP, $25

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