New arrivals (webstore + storefront) - March 30th, 2017

Adam Bartlett

Bastard Priest, Under the Hammer of Destruction LP, $18
Bastard Priest, Ghouls of the Endless Night LP, $18
Bereft, Lands CD, $12.00
Cadaveric Fumes, The Forsaken Triptych CD, $14
Coil, Astral Disaster LP, $29
Darkthrone, Arctic Thunder (ltd color vinyl / bent jackets) LP, $13
Death, Human LP, $17
Depeche Mode, Spirit 2LP, $32
Dodecahedron, Kwintessens LP (clear vinyl), $18
Dying Fetus, Descent Into Depravity LP, $17
Dying Fetus, Destroy The Opposition LP, $17
Dying Fetus, Reign Supreme LP, $17
Dying Fetus, Stop At Nothing LP, $17
Dying Fetus, War Of Attrition LP, $17
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Damage and Joy 2LP, $28
Impure Consecration, Succumb to Impurity Fire 7-inch EP, $9
In Obscurity Revealed, Grim Fumes of Revelation 7-inch EP, $9
Inquisition, Bloodshed Across 2LP, $24
Katatonia, The Great Cold Distance 2LP, $28
KMD, Black Bastards 2LP, $24
Lamb Of God, New American Gospel LP, $21
Lecherous Gaze, One Fifteen LP, $19
Master of Cruelty, Archaic Visions of the Underworld LP, $17
Morbosatan, The Last Sacrifice 7-inch EP, $9
Morta Sluld, Wounds Deeper LP, $23
Revenge, Behold.Total.Rejection deluxe 2LP, $30
Sea of Bones / Ramlord, split LP, $14
Six Feet Under, Torment LP, $21
Spectral Voice, Necrotic Doom LP, $16
Supremative, Servitude of the Impurity 7-inch EP, $9
Today Is The Day, Temple Of The Morning Star 2LP, $27
Totten Korps - Supreme Commanders of Darkness LP, $18
Triumvir Foul, Triumvir Foul CD, $14

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