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New arrivals & restocks (webstore & storefront) - October 14th, 2016

New Arrivals Restocks Storefront Webstore

Everything listed here is now available in the online store. A big box of stuff from Grau, including the Coldworld LPs and Lunar Aurora stuff. And a big batch of hip hop records from Fat Beats!


Atmosphere, When Life Gives You Lemons 2LP, $18.00
Body Of Light, Let Me Go LP, $19.00
Carnophage, Monument LP, $18.00 (Unique Leader)
ColdWorld, Autumn CD, $14.00 (Cold Dimensions)
ColdWorld, Autumn LP, $27.00 (Cold Dimensions)
ColdWorld, Melancholie LP, $18.00 (Cold Dimensions)
Darkthrone, Arctic Thunder LP, $28.00 (Peaceville)
Darkthrone, Arctic Thunder CD, $15.00 (Peaceville)
DIO - Decade of Dio 6LP box set, $93.00
Dodheimsgard, Kronet Til Konge LP, $28.00 (Peaceville)
Dodheimsgard, Monumental Possession LP, $28.00 (Peaceville)
Dodheimsgard, Supervillain Outcast 2LP, $35.00 (Peaceville)
Earth, Earth 2 LP, $14.00 Earth, Pentastar LP, $14.00
Ghost, Popestar 12-inch EP, $11.00
Gost, Behemoth LP, $21.00 (Blood Music)
Gost, Non Paradisi 2LP, $28.00 (Blood Music)
Gost, Non Paradisi CD, $14.00 (Blood Music)
Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Vol 2 2LP, $22.00
Immortal Technique, The 3rd World 2LP, $19.00
Impaled Nazarene, Vigorous and Liberating Death CD, $14.00 (Osmose Productions)
Jaylib, Champion Sound 2LP, $18.00
J Dilla, Donuts (smile cover) 2LP, $19.00
J Dilla, Jay Love Japan LP, $18.00
Lunar Aurora, Ars Moriendi LP, $18.00 (Cold Dimensions)
Lunar Aurora, Elixir of Sorrow 2LP, $23.00 (Cold Dimensions)
Lunar Aurora, Hoagascht LP, $20.00 (Cold Dimensions)
Lunar Aurora, Of Stargates and Bloodstained Celestial Spheres 2LP, $23.00 (Cold Dimensions)
Lunar Aurora / Nordlys, Crypt of Postmortem Rituals 3LP, $57.00 (Cold Dimensions)
Madvillain, Madvillainy 2LP, $19.00
MAKE, Pilgrimage of Loathing LP, $18.00 (Accident Prone)
Masta Ace & MF Doom, MA Doom: Son of Yvonne 2LP, $19.00
MF Doom, Unexpected Guests 2LP, $21.00
MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental, Good Morning Vietnam 3 LP, $26.00
Mike & The Melvins, Three Men And A Baby CD, $12.00 Mike & The Melvins, Three Men And A Baby LP, $18.00
Negura Bunget, Zi LP, $23.00 (Prophecy)
Peanut Butter Wolf, My Vinyl Weighs A Ton 2LP, $17.00
Predatory Light, Predatory Light CS, $6.00
Predatory Light, Predatory Light CD, $10.00
Predatory Light, Death Essence CS, $6.00
Quasimoto, The Unseen 2LP, $18.00
Quasimoto, Yessir Whatever LP, $25.00
Saint Vitus, C.O.D. 2LP, $24.00 (Season of Mist)
Saint Vitus, Live Volume 2 2LP, $25.00 (Season of Mist)
Talib Kweli, Fuck The Money 2LP, $20.00

Godflesh, Decline & Fall 12”, $18.00
MF Doom, MM FOOD 2LP, $18.00
Predatory Light, Demo MMXIV CS, $6.00
Youth Code, Commitment To Complications LP, $19.00

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