New arrivals & restocks (webstore & storefront) - March 7th, 2017

Adam Bartlett

We have a real solid number of new arrivals that hit the store over the last week, and a ton more in the queue waiting to go up now. Dig the current list, keep an eye out for more this week!


A Diadem of Dead Stars, Kingdoms Bathes in Golden Light LP, $16
Addaura, Addaura LP $16
Amphisbaena, Amphisbaena 12-inch, $14
Anal Blasphemy, Western Decadence LP, $17
Atanor, Atanor 12-inch, $16
Black Cilice, Nocturnal Mysticism 7-inch, $8
Black Funeral, Ankou and the Death Fire LP, $15
Bolzer, Aura 12-inch, $14
Chinnamasta, Vajra-Sarpa 12-inch, $14
Cocaine Piss, The Dancer LP, $17
Cross Vault, Miles to Take CD, $11
Cross Vault, Miles to Take LP, $15
Cruz, Culto Abismal CS, $8
Cruz, Culto Abismal LP, $15
Cult of Fire, Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne 7-inch, $8
Danny Brown, XXX 2LP, $22
Dead Congregation, Promulgation of the Fall CS, $7
Deathcult, Beasts of Faith LP, $15
Deathcult, Demo 12-inch, $15
Disharmony, Vade Retro Satana LP, $22
Do Skonu, Cold Streams of Death LP, $16
Do Skonu, The Grand Awakening Among the Great Sleep LP, $16
Earthen Sea, An Act of Love LP, $18 (Kranky)
Enisum, Samoht Nara LP, $15
Front, Iron Overkill LP, $16
Gateway, Scriptures of Grief CS, $8
Haggatha, V LP, $17
Heavydeath, In Circles We Die LP, $22
Hellvetron, Dominus Inferi LP, $17
Ifrinn, Ifrinn 12-inch, $14
Immolation, Atonement LP, $25
Infernal Curse, Apocalipsis LP, $18
Kawir, Father Sun, Mother Moon 2LP, $20
King Woman, Created in the Image LP, $18
Knelt Rote, Insignificance LP, $15
Light of the Morning Star, Cemetery Glow 12-inch, $14
MADLIB, Shades of Blue: 75th Anniversary Edition 2LP, $24
Neige et Noirceur / Werwolfsblut, Split CS, $8
Nyogthaeblisz, Apex Satanist CD, $11
Nyogthaeblisz, Apex Satanist LP, $15
Old Graves, Long Shadows LP, $16
Partisan, Partisan LP, $15
Pissblood, Fevered Dreams of Delirium CS, $5
Prisoner of War, Rot 12-inch, $15
Sete Stars Sept, Messenger from the Darkness LP, $15
Spire, Entropy LP, $18
Temple Nightside, The Hecatomb LP, $18
The Abyss Stares Back, Absent in Body LP, $17
The Man Who Fell to Earth OST, $30
The Ruins of Beverast, Takitum Tootem! 12-inch, $17
Thin Lizzy, Shades of a Blue Orphanage LP, $18
Thin Lizzy, Thin Lizzy LP, $18
Trevor De Brauw, Uptown LP, $19 (Flenser)
Unearthly Trance, Stalking the Ghost CD, $12
Unearthly Trance, Stalking the Ghost LP, $17
Venefixion, Armorican Deathrites LP, $16
Venefixion, Armorican Deathrites/Defixio CD, $11
Venefixion, Dexixio LP, $15
Verberis, Vexamen 2LP, $20
Vukari, Divination LP, $16
Vvonds, Descending Flesh LP, $15
Warpvomit, Barbaric Triumph of Evil LP, $15
Watain, Casus Luciferi LP, $27
Woe, A Spell for the Death of Man LP, $16
Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang LP, $20
Zeal and Ardor, Devil is Fine LP, $19

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