New arrivals + restocks (webstore + storefront) - February 24th, 2017

Adam Bartlett



Aesop Rock, The Impossible Kid 2LP, $22
Aureole, Aurora Borealis LP, $18
Axis Of Light, Northern Ascendancy 7-inch, $5
Barren Harvest, Subtle Cruelties LP, $10 (Handmade Birds)
Black Hole Generator, Requiem For Terra LP, $13
Blu & Exile, Below the Heavens LP+7-inch, $20
Calvin Valentine, Eugene LP, $18
Childish Gambino, Camp LP, $17
Cynic, Uroboric Forms 2LP, $25
Cynic, Uroboric Forms CD, $13.00
Daedelus, Baker’s Dozen LP, $20
Darkspace, Darkspace I LP, $18
Denmark Vessey, Martin Lucid Dream LP, $20
Der Blutharsch, Werkshau: 1997-2010 LP, $11 (Handmade Birds)
Grails, Chalice Hymnal 2LP, $22
Immolation, Close To A World Below LP, $21
Immolation, Failures For Gods LP, $21
Immolation, Here In After LP, $21
Judas Priest, Turbo 30, $16
Locrian and Christoph Heeman, Locrian and Christoph Heeman LP, $11 (Handmade Birds)
LVTHN, Eradication of Nescience LP, $18
Maledicere, The Trenches of Hadal 10”, $10 (Handmade Birds)
Mare Cognitum, Luminiferous Aether 3LP, $25
Mick Jenkins, The Waters 2LP, $20
Nidingr, The High Heat Licks LP, $19
Nomadic Warriors, Nomadic Warriors LP, $16
Overkill, The Grinding Wheel 2LP, $30
Overkill, The Grinding Wheel CD, $11
Pink Floyd, A Momentary Lapse of Reason LP, $28
Pinkish Black, Everything Went Dark LP, $9 (Handmade Birds)
Quasimotio, Yessir Whatever LP+7-inch, $26
Sleep, Clarity 12-inch, $16
Strand of Oaks, Hard Love LP, $16
Terrace Martin, Velvet Portraits 180g 2LP, $33
The Books, Lost and Safe LP, $18
The Books, Music for a French Elevator LP, $19
The Dillinger Escape Plan, Irony Is A Dead Scene 12-inch, $13.00 (Epitaph Records)
The Human Quena Orchestra, A Natural History of Failure LP, $8 (Handmade Birds)
The M-Tet, Long Play 180g LP, $17
Uskumgallu, Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood LP, $15
Wiegedood, De Boden Hebben Het Goed LP, $21



Abyssal, Antikatastaseis 2LP, $20
Amenra, Mass IIII LP, $20
At the Gates, Terminal Spirit Disease LP, $18
At the Gates, With Fear, I Kiss the Burning Darkness LP, $15
Black Cilice, A Corpse, A Temple LP, $16
Black Cilice, Mysteries LP, $16
Bloodbath, Grand Morbid Funeral LP, $18
BLoodbath, The Wacken Carnage LP, $21
Body of Light, Let Me Go LP, $16
Bolzer, Roman Acupuncture 12-inch, $17
Call of the Void, AYFKM LP, $17
Candlemass, Epicus Doomicus LP, $18
Cult of Fire, Ascetic Meditation of Death CD, $13
Cult of Fire, Ascetic Meditation of Death LP. $20
Cult of Fire, Triumvirate CD, $13
Cult of Fire, Triumvirate LP, $16
Darkthrone, A Blaze in the Northern Sky LP, $18
Darkthrone, Arctic Thunder LP, $18
Darkthrone, Panzerfaust LP, $18
Darkthrone, Sardonic Wrath LP, $18
Darkthrone, Soulside Journey LP, $18
Darkthrone, Transilvanian Hunger LP, $18
Darkthrone, Under a Funeral Moon LP, $18
Death Fortress, Deathless March Of The Unyielding LP, $15
Dodheimsgard, Monumental Possession LP, $18
Emma Ruthe Rundle, Marked for Death LP, $19
Emma Ruthe Rundle, Some Heavy Ocean LP, $18
Enslaved, Yggdrassil LP, $18
Evoken, Quietus 2LP, $18
Fyrnask, Forn LP + 7”, $21
Gold, NO Image LP, $17
Iron Reagan, Crossover Ministry CD, $13
Iron Reagan, Crossover Ministry LP, $17
Isengard, Hostmorke LP, $18
Isengard, Vinterskugge LP, $18
Jassa, Lights In The Howling Wilderness LP, $12
Katatonia, Brave Murder Day LP, $15
Katatonia, For Funerals to Come LP, $18
King Dude, Burning Daylight LP, $16
King Dude, My Beloved Ghost 12”, $16
Mayhem, Live in Leipzig LP, $18
Mayhem, Live in Zeitz LP, $18
Mayhem, Mediolanum Capta Est 2LP, $18
Mouth of the Architect  LP, $16
My Dying Bride, A Line of Deathless Kings LP, $21
My Dying Bride, A Map of All Our Failures LP, $21
My Dying Bride, As the Flower Withers LP, $18
My Dying Bride, Turn Loose the Swans LP, $21
Nails, You Will Never Be One Of Us LP, $16
NWA, NWA Greatest Hits 2LP, $23
NxWorries, Yes Lawd! 2LP, $25
Opeth, Morning Rise LP, $27
Opeth, My Arms, Your Hearse LP, $27
Opeth, Orchid LP, $27
Pink Floyd, Meddle LP, $28
Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels 3 LP, $28
Sortilegia, Arcane Death Ritual 2LP, $21
Spectral Voice / Phrenelith, Split 7-inch, $8
Taake, Bjeorgvin LP, $18
Tardigrada, Emotionale Odnis 2LP, $18
The Devil’s Blood, The Time of No Time Evermore 2LP, $23
The Ruins of Beverest, Blood Vaults 2LP, $23
Thergothon, Stream From the Heavens LP, $18
Triumvir Foul - size small, t-shirt, $16
Triumvir Foul - size medium, t-shirt, $16
Triumvir Foul - size large, t-shirt, $16
Urfaust, Der Freiwillige Bettler 12”, $17
Urfaust, Geist ist Teuful 12”, $17
Urzeit, Anmoshka LP, $17
Vermin Womb, Decline LP, $17
Wardrunna, Runaljod - Yggdrasil 2LP, $37

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