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New arrivals & restocks (storefront & webstore) - October 4th, 2016

New Arrivals Restocks Storefront Webstore

New items in the shop this week, many of them available now in the webstore as well. 



Aluk Todolo, Occult Rock 2LP, $21.00
Aluk Todolo, Voix LP, $16.00
Eyehatefod, Preaching The End Time LP, $20.00
Forma, Physicalist 2LP, $24.00
Gorguts, Considered Dead LP, $25.00
Gorguts, The Erosion of Sanity LP, $25.00
Have A Nice Life, Deathconsciousness 2LP, $33.00 (Flenser)
Head Of The Demon, Sathanas Trismegistus LP, $16.00
Mars Red Sky, Apex III LP $24.00
Mos Generator, Abyssina LP, $24.00
Neurosis, Fires Within Fires 33rpm LP, $23.00 (Neurot)
Palace Of The King, Valles Marineris LP, $24.00
Satan, Atom by Atom LP $24.00
Saviours, Palace of Vision LP, $24.00
Suffocation, Breeding the Spawn LP, $25.00
Suffocation, Effigy of the Forgotten LP, $25.00
Suffocation, Pierced From Within LP, $25.00
Tribulation, Formulas Of Death 2LP, $23.00
Wolves In The Throne Room, Diadem Of 12 Stars 2LP, $24.00 (Artemesia)
Wolves In The Throne Room. Celestite 2LP, $24.00 (Artemesia)



Avett Brothers, Live Vol. Four 2LP, $35.00 (Republic Recordings)
Clutch, La Curandera LP, $17.00 (Weathermaker)
Hi Red Center, Assemble LP, $12.00 (Joyful Noise)
Hot Snakes, Audit In Progress LP, $17.00 (Swami)
Hot Snakes, Automatic Midnight LP, $17.00 (Swami)
Hot Snakes, Suicide Invoice LP, $17.00 (Swami)
Joy Division, Closer LP, $19.00 (Factory/Rhino)
Joy Division, Still 2LP, $32.00 (Factory/Rhino)
Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures LP, $19.00 (Factory/Rhino)
Mean Jeans, Tight New Dimension LP, $17.00 (Fat Wreck)
Meat Market, Dig Deep LP, $14.00 (Recess)
Misfits, Static Age LP, $18.00 (Caroline)
Misfits, Vampire Girl/Zombie Girl (Limited Edition) LP, $14.00 (Misfits Records)
Moonspell, Irreligious LP, $23.00 (Century Media)
Mouth of the Architect, Path of Eight LP, $17.00 (Translation Loss)
My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge LP, $19.00 (Reprise)
Nirvana, Nevermind 20th Anniversary Limited Edition 4LP, $66.00 (DGC/Sub Pop)
NOFX, First Ditch Effort CD, $15.00 (Fat Wreck Chords)
NOFX, First Ditch Effort LP, $16.00 (Fat Wreck Chords)
Of Mice and Men, Cold World LP, $20.00 (Rise Records)
Off With Their Heads / Discharge, Split 7” $6.00 (Recess)
Off With Their Heads, Hospitals 10 year Anniversary edition LP+flexi, $16.00 (Recess)
Pixies, Head Carrier LP, $23.00 (Pixies Music)
Public Image Limited, Live at Rockpalast 1983 2LP, $34.00 (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
Rihanna, Anti 2LP, $32.00 (Westbury Road)
Sarcofago, Die…Hard!!! 2LP, $32.00 (Greyhaze)
Screaming Females / Tenement, Split 7”, $6.00 (Recess)
Screeching Weasel, Baby Fat Act 1 LP, $22.00 (Recess)
Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bollocks LP, $17.00 (Warner Bros.)
Sonic Youth, Confusion Is Sex Lp, $20.00 (Goofin)
Suicidal Tendencies, World Gone Mad LP, $22.00 (Suicidal Records)
The Birthday Party, Hee Haw LP, $27.00 (Drastic Plastic)
The Clash, London Calling 2LP, $32.00 (Epic)
The Cure, Disintegration 2LP, $24.00 (Fiction/Elektra/Rhino)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Psychocandy LP, $17.00 (Reprise)
Thy Catafalque, Meta 2LP, $25.00 (Season of Mist)
Toys That Kill, Sentimental Ward LP, $14.00 (Recess)
Traversable Wormhole, Sublight Velocities 12-inch, $18.00 (Hospital Productions)
Ty Segall, Lemons LP, $16.00 (Goner)
Ty Segall, Melted Lp, $16.00 (Goner)
UFO, Hard Rock Legends Vol. $34.00 (Back on Black)
Van Morrison, Keep Me Singing LP, $22.00 (Exile/Caroline)
Wet Nurse, Daily Whatever LP, $14.00 (Recess)
White Murder, Form Early LP, $14.00 (Recess)

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