Zachary James Watkins - Affirmative Action LP


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My art investigates the rich area of resonance and I engage in dialogue influenced by past works, current concerns and new directions. Works attempt to immerse the senses bringing to the fore natural phenomenon. I believe that sound can heal and that the conscious investigation of harmonic tunings, acoustic resonance as well as social relationships can yield powerful experiences.

One of my objectives as an artist is to expose natural phenomena. I am interested in the physical aspects of sound and have developed a sensibility that focuses heavily on Resonance. Vibration is at the core of my experience of Resonance. I am moved by natural resonances that exist around us all. My own work strives to develop and nurture Resonances by negotiating sensitive relationships among a number of what I identify as critical ingredients for psychedelic phenomena: resonant bodies exciting harmonic energy creating diverse waves, beating and phase patterns diffused spatially with full dynamic range and a deep attention to the body and how it engages with the environment.