Zac Brown Band - From The Road Vol. 1: Covers LP (Blue Vinyl)


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Zac Brown Band has been hitting it hard on the road for years, and while they have plenty of original material to choose from, they've slipped in some great covers for fans. Now they've released an album's worth of them with From The Road, Vol. 1: Covers.

The country rock outfit celebrates a wide range of popular songs, sometimes with their own spin and sometimes staying true to the originals. Tracks on the record span back as far as 2012 when John Driskell Hopkins was still the group's primary bassist. The majority of the songs are post-2014 when Matt Mangano took over the role and Hopkins moved to a multi-instrumentalist position. The most recent track is from October 5 where they paid tribute to Jimmy Buffett with a rendition of "Margaritaville" in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mangano's bass lines are a focal point on many of the songs as he grooves hard on tracks such as "Sabotage," "Sweet Emotion," "Whipping Post," and more. The latter two feature Steven Tyler and Marcus King, respectively, with other guests including John Mayer, Darrell Scott, and Mark O'Connor.