Winger - Winger LP (Silver Vinyl)


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The "Winger" album features hard hitting rock masterworks like their top charting hits "Headed For A Heartache" and "Seventeen" as well as a plethora of rock radio classics like "Hungry" "Madalaine" and the fan favorite "Without The Night." - Featuring the dynamic vocals and legendary bass work of Kip Winger, the lead guitar attack of Reb Beach, the creative keyboards of Paul Taylor and the powerful drum work of Rod Morgenstein, this Winger album is still the go to choice for serious rock fans as the band continues to be a major force in the music industry. - When Winger was released in 1988, the compact disc and cassette were the dominant media of the day, and the original vinyl album release went on to become a highly priced collector's item chasing big bucks for a mint copy.