William Basinski & Janek Schaefer "...on reflection" LP


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Time is…Time and duration are core themes in the work of both William Basinski and Janek Schaefer, and this long-distance collaboration took a suitably long gestation of seven years from start to finish. The completed work exhibits those strands of time eloquently and exquisitely.Limitation breeds creativity, being an expression of minimalism and focus. Deploying a delicate piano passage from their collective archive, Basinski and Schaefer weave and reweave in numerous ways, forging a unified flurry of flickering notes. The sounds of various birds heard from late night windows on tour can occasionally be heard throughout, ricocheting off mirrored facades and reflecting on themselves.“ . . . on reflection ” looks backwards, a bustling celebration of heartfelt emotions heard through the mirrors of memory. Guiding us forward and around in endless circles and lifting us up – “ . . . on reflection ” is a sound celebration of the emotional beauty through our time on Earth, whatever phase you may be going through.Created 2014-2021 between L.A & London. Mixed at Narnia, Walton-on-Thames.