War - War LP

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War - War LP

War's head-nodding mix of music and message started a revolution 50 years ago that continues to win over the hearts and hips of fans around the world. War was founded in the late-1960s by producer/songwriter Jerry Goldstein and British singer Eric Burdon, who was eager to seek out new collaborators after several years with The Animals. Goldstein spotted the musicians who would become War playing clubs in L.A. Soon after, Burdon started playing shows with the band and he clicked with the musicians, who were able to back his improvisational flights-of-fancy with the ease of jazz masters.

Originally billed as Eric Burdon and War, the group recorded the hit albums Eric Burdon Declares "War" (which featured the hit "Spill The Wine"), and the double album, The Black-Man's Burdon. After Burdon left the group in 1971, War's career took on a life of its own as its popularity skyrocketed thanks to a handful of Gold albums.

Featuring the single "Lonely Feelin'", the eponymous War album was the group's first without Burdon in the ranks. While the record met with only modest success, it laid the groundwork for things to come. "They loved playing live and toured constantly. The experience of making the first album was enlightening to all of us, especially me. I really felt I got an understanding how to make this work and rushed them back into the studio to cut the second album," said Goldstein.

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