Twin Temple - God Is Dead LP

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"Twin Temple are back with their most ambitious, meticulous, and blasphemous offering to date, 'God Is Dead'. Blending their Satanic ideology with the irresistible sass and melody of classic '50s and '60s rock 'n' roll, the high priest and priestess of Satanic Doo-Wop have conjured up a delectable sonic ritual of vintage melodies, soulful vocals, and devilish lyrics that celebrates individuality, freedom, and rebellion against the rigid norms of both rock and mainstream society. From the blood-soaked ecstasy of their previously released single "Let's Have A Satanic Orgy" to the euphoric proclamation of the title track, 'God Is Dead' is a musical journey that will take you to the crossroads of magick and rock 'n' roll. Will you be tempted to sell your soul? The only way to find out is to press play.