The Front Bottoms - Talon Of The Hawk: 10th Anniversary LP (Turquoise Vinyl)

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At the core of the Front Bottoms new album Talon of the Hawk, is the crazy hybrid of slamming rock drumming and acoustic guitar The Front Bottoms are known for, but this time the band augments their sound with electric guitars, synths, even a little accordion. Over top is Brian Sella's confident heartfelt vocals that will have you laughing one minute, crying the next and then maybe pumping your fist and singing along when you least suspect it.  Talon of the Hawk rocks harder than their debut and it is more complex in both subject matter and arrangements. Once this sucker gets it's claws in you're going to soar. Rock and roll? The Front Bottoms wonder if you know what that means. Their mix of punk, folk and pop always has that rock n roll thang riding just above the surface looking for it's prey.