Sunrot - The Unfailing Rope (Pink Swirl Vinyl)


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New Jersey’s SUNROT is preparing to release their first full length album under the Prosthetic Records banner. The Unfailing Rope is due on April 7 and comprises eight tracks of devastating sludge and noise - and promises to afford SUNROT the attention that they so richly deserve.

At times The Unfailing Rope seemed to be a cursed project; recorded no less less than three times before hitting the jackpot with its final iteration, completing the record was a hard-fought battle. Vocalist Lex Santiago was hospitalised between the first and second recordings, suffering from a psychotic episode. Although it may have seemed like an albatross around their necks, The Unfailing Rope eventually provided salvation and catharsis for SUNROT in ways they had never anticipated.

The Unfailing Rope sessions were captured by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey, and later mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna. The trial and error of earlier sessions led to a more precise execution of their vision, a more confident approach and a ultimately more live and organic sounding record than they’d originally anticipated. Their take on sludge is adrenalized by the addition of samples, noise and experimentalism. With guest musicians including Bryan Funck (Thou), Emily McWilliams (Silver Godling), and Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer) adding embellishments to the core SUNROT sound the final result is electrifying.

SUNROT is very much a product of its environment; The Unfailing Rope an anthology of the lived experiences of authors. From the micro to the macro, personal to political, every scar, every tale is etched into the fabric of The Unfailing Rope with unflinching detail. SUNROT keen to stress that for all of the trauma, loss and catharsis, joy is only just below the surface.