Strfkr - Miracle Mile LP

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Strfkr - Miracle Mile LP
STRFKR provided the soundtrack to over 100 ecstatic sold-out dance parties in tiny, sweaty rooms over the past two years. Word of mouth has spread and the band now find themselves in even larger venues, with brighter lights and bigger songs.

The four-piece collaborated in the process of writing STRFKR’s third album, Miracle Mile. After all-night lyric writing sessions and fleshing out song skeletons that first formed on the road, there isn’t a single song on Miracle Mile that every member of STRFKR didn’t contribute to and ultimately improve.

“While I’m Alive,” is a song that bursts out of the gate with what can only be described as swagger. Not overconfidence or false bravado, but the undeniable sound of a band that knows exactly who they are: swirling keyboards that take you up, down, and all around, rhythmic guitars, irresistible basslines, and drums that keep an unrelenting beat. 

Miracle Mile truly coalesces as a complete whole that couldn’t have come together any other way. Cream colored 180g 2LP-set with download code.

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