Torture Rack - Primeval Onslaught LP (Purple/Pink splatter vinyl)

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Torture Rack exists for one reason, to pulverize skulls and grind bones through bludgeoning gore-soaked Death Metal depravity. New album ‘Primeval Onslaught’ continues that bloodstained legacy, witnessed previously on ‘Barbaric Persecution’ and ‘Malefic Humiliation’ with a barrage of meat-torn-from-bone riffs and greased-flesh savagery.

Death Metal for degenerates and desecrators might be the proper way to characterize Torture Rack’s uninhibited slaughter. This sort of derangement doesn’t care about some rational spin or greater purpose that might be found to rationalize its existence. Its goal is only to smother out a victim’s life, bury the body in the backyard and venerate the carnage.

Torture Rack’s songwriting and intent on “Primeval Onslaught” has been tightened like a garrote, filling each track with meathooks into the skin and precise, constant battering, rarely eclipsing the 4 minute mark. And like the most successfully persistent maniac, it’s in and it’s out before there’s been time to comprehend the pile of bodies left in its wake.