Extremity - Coffin Birth LP


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Oakland's Extremity burst like a pustule onto the death metal scene in 2017 with their mini-LP Extremely Fucking Dead. Five ferocious tracks gave the first taste of what was to come, and now the band returns with its debut full length album Coffin Birth, a hideous ode to the scene's past and present.

Right from the start of the menacing opening intro / track of Coffin Birth / A Million Witches, the band brutalize with a hammer of pulverizing devastation and a defined melodic sensibility. Memorable and outright catchy songs that seamlessly veer from grinding speed to crushingly mid-paced unfold via a sordid concept that may reveal itself with careful attention.

Once again recorded at Oaklands Earhammer Studios, the birthplace for so many of todays standout metal releases, this album boasts both surgical clarity and pummeling raw aggression. In combination with the attention to detail in both song and lyric writing, Extremity exhume a debut album born straight from a coffin.