Shaylee - Short Sighted Security LP (Pink & Blue Vinyl)

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Where to now? This was the question burning on my mind as I wrote and recorded what ended up becoming my label debut. Where could I go after hitting rock bottom at age 24 in March-June 2020, addicted and cowering in the face of interpersonal collapse?

There were deeply felt romantic highs with the two girlfriends I'd been living with, and crushing lows when the sparks stopped flying and I found myself alone. Death lingered around each corner of the stranded living room like the virus in the air, and paranoid and depressed out of my gourd, I found myself documenting the most intense parts of the experience as nakedly as I could in these songs that fell out of me at record pace.

As my label debut, I wanted Short-Sighted to feel grander and bigger than any record I'd made up to that point. I hope you're able to glean some enjoyment out of it and maybe feel less alone, too.