Savage Master - Mask Of The Devil LP (Orange Vinyl)


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SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to reissue SAVAGE MASTER’s cult debut album, Mask of the Devil, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Originally released on Halloween 2014, Mask of the Devil loudly & lewdly announced the arrival of SAVAGE MASTER. With absolute electricity at every turn as well as the rough ‘n’ ready charisma of frontwoman Stacey Savage, SAVAGE MASTER strutted and surged with a power and poise redolent of early ‘80s US metal. Uniquely, the hooded Louisville quintet put a concertedly occult spin on everything, making them stand out amongst all those trying to reignite a Metal Massacre. Swift and succinct were the eight songs across the half-hour Mask of the Devil; for however much “star power” was already here early on, SAVAGE MASTER knew that heavy metal ultimately lived or died on the strength of SONGS – and they were just beginning to realize their massive potential.

Since SAVAGE MASTER’s signing with SHADOW KINGDOM in 2019, that star power has simply skyrocketed, and no better time to make the crucial Mask of the Devil available again on all formats. Stand before their “Altar of Lust” again, or for the first time!