Rodrigo y Gabriela - In Between Thoughts... A New World (Gold Nugget Vinyl)


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Guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela deliver the follow-up to their Grammy-winning album Mettavolution. In Between Thoughts...A New World is the duo's first full-length album in four years. It is a spontaneously composed, yet unified work which brings the same expansion of consciousness that inspired its creation. Self-produced by Rodrigo y Gabriela at their studio in Ixtapa, Mexico, the album – which sees the guitar duo expanding their traditional approach to include inventive electronic and orchestral elements – is heralded by the lead single "Descending To Nowhere". "I found a video on nondualism that resonated a lot with me and it felt like a switch [turned on]. I started to introduce this concept to Gab and she was skeptical at first," Rodrigo tells Consequence. "I didn't explain myself because I couldn't...I didn't know how to explain it, but it was incredible and liberating, and I was sharing the authors that I was listening to [like Rupert Spira, Francis Lucille, and John Wheeler]. She got into it, eventually. At the same time, everything was shut down and we were writing music because that's what we do!" Colored vinyl LP.