Replacements - Tim LP

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Along with Prince and Husker Du, The Replacements put Minneapolis on the rock map in the 1980s with their endearing imperfection. Among America's greatest all-time alternative acts, the 'Mats rose from chaotic noise-makers to polished craftsmen, leaving a handful of masterpieces in their wake.

The Replacements' 1985 major-label debut Tim was the last album to feature the band's legendary original lineup. A departure from the raw, punk-rock aesthetic that dominated their Twin/Tone releases, Tim showcases Paul Westerberg's gift for songcraft with the uptempo rock anthems "Bastards Of Young" and "Left Of The Dial," the poignant ballad "Here Comes A Regular," and the clever lyricism of "Little Mascara."

Westerberg's gritty yet melodic vocals convey a sense of urgency that perfectly compliments the rough-hewn songs and this maturing, tighter sound would be a hallmark of subsequent Replacements albums. Regularly cited as among the 20 best records of the decade!