Reiko Ike - World Of Ecstasy LP (Clear Salmon Pink Vinyl)


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The long-awaited reissue of the 1971 release work by “Japan’s first pornographic actress” Reiko Ike. If you open the spread on the cover of the monument of Japanese-style product “Okiki Jake”, you can see photos from Toei movie “Contemporary Pornography Congenital Horny Woman”.

And on the original version, there is a price difference of tens of thousands of yen depending on the presence or absence of the poster.

Showa Kayo is a masterpiece, Masami Kawahara and exotic sounds are played by poetry and pant voice.

a woman can't do it
The spills again
If the rain stops
Scat at dawn
Wandering guitar
a woman called me
Blues on a rainy day
Slave in love
I can't be an angel
The bond of love