Oliver Tree - Cowboy Tears LP (Yellow vinyl)

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Chart-topping, genre-bending artist Oliver Tree's eagerly awaited new album, Cowboy Tears finds him embracing a new twangy, country sound. "Cowboys are the toughest guys. It's okay for us tough guys to cry, and the thing is, it's okay for everyone to cry," Tree explains. "There's a lot of anger that comes out of holding in your emotions, and that's really popular for guys. Cowboy Tears is teaching people how to let it out and be able to put it out in a way that isn't going to be violent or self-destructive." He sets the stage for the record with the lead single "Cowboys Don't Cry." Over sparse and breezy lo-fi production, Tree's voice glides towards a catchy chorus, singing, "Riding around this carousel, if you catch my drift," before lamenting, "Love is like a circle, there's no easy way to end."