Offspring - Let The Bad Times Roll (Orange Vinyl) LP

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Legendary So-Cal punks The Offspring return with their tenth full-length album – and first new offering since 2012 – the blistering and triumphant Let The Bad Times Roll. Once again produced by Bob Rock who worked on their last two studio efforts, the group describes the album as "the most cathartic thing we've done. The messages might be dark, but at the end what's left is that communication is important, working through feelings is important and most of all, hope is important." Frontman Dexter Holland explains how the title track single anchors the album, ​"I feel like we're in a unique period in history where instead of our world leaders saying, ​‘We're doing our best,' it's more like they're saying, ​‘Fuck it,' and it's really scary." Guitarist Noodles adds, "Folks are saying, ​‘If it's all going to Hell, we might as well make the most out of it, or at least go out swinging,' Let The Bad Times Roll!"