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Note new price. A Life Unto Itself is as much the name of Steve Von TillÕs fourth solo album as it is a perfect description for the 25-plus years heÕs spent forging, with his brothers, the incomparable musical force that is NeurosisÑnot to mention the numerous sonic tapestries heÕs woven with Tribes of Neurot and under his alter ego Harvestman. One can hear that deep musical history, and all the life experience that goes with it, on A Life Unto Itself.
As with his previous solo works, Von TillÕs weathered, distinctive voice and sparse acoustic guitar provides the foundation. Quiet and subdued for the most part, these songs still evoke vast emotional power as Von TillÕs raspy whisper dives deeply inward and speaks of visions, memories and self-reflection in a way both seasoned and exposed. While his last couple albums took on a more traditional approach with respectful nods toward Americana and Celtic ballads, A Life Unto Itself ventures into a wider variety of sonic landscapes, often borrowing from the rural psychedelia of Harvestman, weaving in strains of vintage synth and electric guitars.
Von Till was assisted in creating the albumÕs myriad textures by viola master Eyvind Kang, pedal steel wizard J. Kardong and percussionist Pat Schowe, all under the supervision of engineer and producer Randall Dunn, with whom he recorded and mixed the album at Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle. Von Till and his fellow travelers take the listener on a pilgrimage through hidden inner worlds, occasionally surfacing for brief sojourns through the American West (ÒIn Your WingsÓ), Old World Europe (ÒA Language of BloodÓ) and more modern points unknown (ÒNight of the MoonÓ).