Noah Kahan - Stick Season 2LP


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As Noah Kahan changes, he casts those experiences onto songs like light through a film projector. At the core of the music's upbeat energy and unfiltered lyrics, you'll hear who he was before and who he became – almost in real-time. The Vermont singer still pens songs straight from the heart and still cracks jokes with his signature, self-deprecating sense of humor; he's just changed in all of the right ways (and chronicled them via his songwriting). He gained that understanding through quite the journey from small town Vermont to global renown. After five years of critical acclaim and global touring, he sought an even purer style of writing and arrangement inspired by his New England roots, a challenge from within to convey a vivid representation of what he loves, fears, and struggles with most passionately. The result is Noah's critically acclaimed third studio album Stick Season, which features the hit single "Stick Season" and has become his most successful release to date. Stick Season debuted at No. 14 on the Billboard 200 Chart, No. 4 on Billboard's Top Alternative Albums Chart, No. 5 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums Chart, and No. 5 on Billboard's Top Rock & Alternative Albums Chart.