Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence CD


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2017 EP release from Trent Reznor and Co. Add Violence marks the second EP in a proposed trilogy following the 2016 release of Not the Actual Events. Includes the singles "Less Than" and "This Isn't the Place". Trent Reznor said of creating the EP: "Something that we have always felt strongly about is the role of what we call rock has been one that should feel untethered and filled with expression and uncompromised and at times challenging. In general, it seems from my perspective, and I feel Atticus feels the same way, that most entertainment, particularly music is pretty boring. Certainly, rock is boring. A lot of what's blessed as 'the cool thing' feels pretty generic and also feels, a lot of it, like a desperate plea for commercial airplay and success. That combined with just our own worldview and a kind of daydream I was having led to 'Let's make a record that feels challenging, and exciting to us...' I wanted the music to sound kind of ugly and to sound unfriendly, not suck you in with a sexy hook."