Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall 1971 2LP


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One of the greatest singer/songwriters of the rock era, solo and acoustic at the pinnacle of his career! Neil Young's legendary Toronto performance at Live At Massey Hall on January 19, 1971 features the classics “Old Man”, a suite of “A Man Needs A Maid” and “Heart Of Gold” (before they were recorded for Harvest) along with some of his most popular songs (“Cowgirl In The Sand,” “Ohio”) as well as some of his most obscure (“Bad Fog Of Loneliness”). Live At Massey Hall is a newly mined rock gem here on double 180g vinyl

These recordings have long been highly esteemed by those that have heard them. More than for its collector's appeal, however, the album is worthwhile for its artistic excellence, capturing Young’s songs in their most intimate and unadorned settings, his voice at its most expressive and personal, and his writing at a peak achieved by few other composers.

"This is the album that should have come out between After the Gold Rush and Harvest. David Briggs, my producer, was adamant that this should be the record, but I was very excited about the takes we got on Harvest and wanted Harvest out. David disagreed. As I listen to this today, I can see why. Love you, David."- Neil Young