Mudvayne - The End Of All Things To Come CD


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2002 album from the nu-metal band. The album starts with a very adrenaline-fueled song, "Silenced", which is a protest-song about censorship and not having the right of free speech. Next, we get "Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream", which starts off with a cool drumming pattern followed by the hit single "Not Falling", which is catchy and fun. "(Per)Version Of A Truth" comes along and once again gets political, this time talking about the government being dishonest. "Mercy, Severity" starts up with some great, gut-punching bass lines and talks about Hindu mythology. Musically in the spheres of Tool and System Of A Down we finally get to the album closer "A Key To Nothing". Mudvayne proves to be experts at balancing melody, aggression, and intricacy.