Fruit Bats - A River Running to Your Heart (Blue And Bone Swirl Vinyl) LP


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***Eric D. Johnson rarely lingers at one location too long. As a kid growing up in the Midwest, JohnsonÕs family moved around a lot, but it wasnÕt until he became a touring musician years later that motion became a central part of his identity. That transient lifestyle stoked an enduring reverence for the world he watched pass by through a van window. A sense of place is a unifying theme heÕs revisited with Fruit Bats throughout its many lives. From the projectÕs origins in the late Õ90s as a vehicle for JohnsonÕs lo-fi tinkering to the more sonically ambitious work of recent years, Fruit Bats has often showcased love songs where people and locations meld into one. ItÕs a loose song structure that navigates what he calls Òthe geography of the heart.Ó A River Running to Your Heart represents the fullest realization of that creative vision to date. ItÕs a sonically diverse effort that largely explores the importance of what it means to be home, both physically and spiritually. And while that might seem like a peculiar focus for an artist whoÕs constantly in motion, for Fruit Bats, home can take many formsÑfrom the obvious to the obscure.