Mountain Goats - Bleed Out (Tuscan Yellow Vinyl) 2LP


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Received a 9.0 Best New Reissue rating from Pitchfork. The last of the Òall-home-recordings albumsÓ by THE MOUNTAIN GOATS and the only one about which that claim is true, All Hail West Texas was originally released as a free-standing compact disc on the late, lamented Emperor Jones. That was about a decade ago. The songs were originally transferred from the cassettes onto which they were recorded to 1/2Ó reels at Tiny Telephone by ALEX NEWPORT. Remastered from those reels, along with 7 unearthed songs from the two surviving contemporaneous cassettes, All Hail West Texas stands as the peak of the Mountain GoatsÕ home recording era, a time people like to refer to as Òwhen JOHN DARNIELLE had his four-track,Ó except John did not actually use a four-track. He used the condenser mic of a Panasonic boombox and there was no overdubbing. All songs recorded on the day they were written, usually within minutes of the actual composition. Highlights include ÒJenny,Ó ÒFall of the Star High School Running Back,Ó and ÒThe Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton,Ó a song which has compelled audiences around the globe to yell ÒHail Satan,Ó and to mean it. Package art features a newly penned 1,800-word essay by John detailing his songwriting and recording process for the album. The LP (on vinyl now for the first time in North America) is packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket and includes a digital download of the full record plus the seven additional tracks. The CD, which includes the full album and extra tracks on one disc, comes in a premium digipak with a 12-page booklet. No Export. (STREET DATE - 7/23/2013)