Lambchop - The Bible (Yellow/Black Marble Vinyl) 2LP (MARKDOWN)

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Received an 8.2 rating from Pitchfork. What Another Man Spills (1998) represents a milestone in LAMBCHOP's career, but not in the modern sense of a "landmark" release. Building on foundations that had once sounded almost literally creaky, it expands upon the tentative maneuvers they'd undertaken with the previous year's Thriller (1997) and gestures confidently towards its brassy successor, Nixon, which would arrive in 2000 to wild acclaim and previously unimaginable commercial success. Indeed, it sits at a crossroads between the band that Lambchop first emerged as, and the band that they would later become. In terms of production, What Another Man Spills represented a huge leap forward, and stylistically it took bold, convincing strides towards uncharted territory too. Its impact wouldn't be felt for another couple of years, of course, but then it would suddenly look like part of a carefully orchestrated masterplan. Today, too, it continues to stand as a vibrant, satisfying snapshot of a band at a pivotal moment in their lengthy career. First time domestic vinyl pressing. Limited Edition LP version pressed on white and yellow swirled vinyl in an edition of 750.