Meshuggah - Nothing 2LP (Colored Vinyl)

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While the term "genre-defining" gets tossed around quite frequently these days in the music industry, and most especially the heavy metal industry, it is truly the only proper term to align with the head expanding sounds created by Meshuggah. The band began its formation in Umeå, Sweden in 1987. With over 35 years and nine full length albums as masters in this realm, the band have been on an endless journey to outwardly reveal their uncommon sonic stamp. This greatly pertains to the musical precision required in order to create songs with such unique time signatures. Nothing was released in August of 2002 and it found Meshuggah focusing more on groove and a lower/growlier production. With the new addition of 8-string guitars, this album brought a new dimension to the "Meshuggah sound." Following its release, Meshuggah once again went on tour with Tool in the USA at the end of 2002.