Maren Morris - Hero

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Hero is the major label full-length debut from singer/songwriter and Texas native Maren Morris. She co-wrote all eleven songs that make-up Hero and shared the production duties with songwriter/producer Busbee, who co-wrote "My Church," the debut hit song by Morris which made Country radio history the first week it hit the airwaves.

In addition to "My Church," Hero is home to further compelling fare like the widely-loved fan favorite "80's Mercedes," the steamy "How It's Done," album closer "Once" which highlights the singer/songwriter's vocal talent and "I Wish I Was" which inspired Morris to name the album.

"‘I Wish I Was' is the most autobiographical song on this record and I admittedly was not the hero in that story, but I am the hero in mine," Morris explains. "I've come such a long way from who I was in Texas, who I am as a writer, who I am as a woman today. I think the message of this record is self acceptance and awareness, and that to me is heroic."