Eomac - Cracks (ORANGE VINYL)


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Eomac is an Irish producer living in Wicklow near Dublin. He's also one half of the duos Lakker, noeverything and Lena Andersson. 'Cracks' comes across with depth and passion, with Eomac's penchant for punchy, shuffling drums underpinning the emotive tracks. From the off, the furious 'Mandate For Murder' flips and repeats Akala's protest about systemic racism, rushing deep into the panicked sirens of 'Portuguese Man O' War'. The album settles into a sense of mystery, wildness and dark otherworldliness with the foggy drone and timber kick of 'Ancient Self' reflecting the awe and spiritual connections to his new environment, much like the gorgeous strings and aqueous bleeps of 'Seashells' or the pitch-shifted shoegaze of 'Prophetess'. It ends with a reference to a place he's left behind, seen through the lens of nature. The album is a fruitful move, inwards and forwards.