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UWUW, is: • Jay Anderson (Badge Epoque Ensemble, Biblical, Lammping) - drums • Ian Blurton – (Ian Blurton’s Future Now / Change of Heart / C’mon) – guitar and production • Jason Haberman - Bass (Yaehsun / Dan Mangan ) Bass Guest Vocals by: • Drew Smith and Marker Starling After many years of playing in mutually respected bands, Jay Anderson and Ian Blurton came together through a run of shows, backing mutual friend and singer/songwriter, Kate Boothman as her drummer, and guitarist, respectively. Anderson’s and Blurton’s connection were instant, and a plan was set to start making music together. As ideas began to take shape, Anderson suggested bringing in Jason Haberman, a talented bassist, who Anderson had seen play with Toronto indie-folk band, The Wooden Sky. The trio hunkered down for two days in Blurton’s Pro Gold Studios, jamming out ideas. With the intersection of the many different bands and genres each brought to the table, songs came together quickly, with Blurton editing and sculpting, as they went along. Realizing they didn’t want an instrumental record, they layered on bright horns and smooth vocals, lifting the songs from instrumental jams, to the undefinable yet distinctive sound that is, UWUW. Saxophonist, Jay Hey, was brought in to provide horn arrangements, along with Tom Richardson on trombone and Patrick McGroarty on trumpet, all three contributing on every song. Giving the songs a voice, literally, are two of Toronto’s most distinctive songwriters: Drew Smith (Bunny, The Bicycles), providing his trademark, 60s harmony pop and lyrical prowess to “Staircase” and “Landlord”; and Marker Starling; adding his distinct, easy-glide, story-telling charm to Box Office Poison, and Scattered Ashes.