Son Lux - Brighter Wounds LP (GOLD VINYL)


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On “Brighter Wounds”, Son Lux’ fifth full-length LP, the trio finding in command of a daring, multidirectional sound, expressing naturally the proclivity for surprise and contrast that characterize the project's output. The album explores the violence of love, the beauty of sacrifice, and the specter of impermanence. Anchored by its cinematic heart, “All Directions,” the LP ranges from the thunderous charge of “Dream State” to the sputtering, soulful lilt of “Slowly.” Ryan Lott’s devastating vocal on "Aquatic," guitarist Rafiq Bhatia’s blooming flower melismas on "Labor," and drummer Ian Chang’s nearly inhuman rhythmic calculus on "The Fool You Need" illuminate a curious and delicate balance of precision and pain. Son Lux has made invention its hallmark through continued exploration and experimentation. With Brighter Wounds, the triad NPR proclaimed “the world’s most lethal band" now grips exhilaration and heartache in full embrace. The album was long out of print on vinyl, this gold vinyl is the first repressing since 2018. “Ryan Lott is the kind of songwriter who can turn the most intimate moments sweeping and majestic. His albums treat crisp, minuscule detail with cinematic grandeur.“ Pitchfork “Music like this opens windows and doors, letting in the fresh airs of possibility of what can come from whipping the backside of imagination and watching it run free.” Under the Radar ???????? Under the Radar ??????? Clash Music 7.3 Pitchfork"