Local Natives - Humming Bird: 10th Anniversary 2LP (White Vinyl)


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10th Anniversary Colored Vinyl 2LP Reissue with Remastered Audio and Three Bonus Tracks Plus Updated Cover Art

The Hummingbird 10th Anniversary Edition sees the cornerstone 2013 album remastered onto a pair of colored vinyl LPs with three bonus tracks recorded during that time. The set is housed in a hand-bound book jacket which features exclusive unreleased photos and artwork plus updated cover art. "10 years ago we released our second album, Hummingbird," Local Natives reflect. "It found us at our most vulnerable, dealing with death, mourning, and searching for catharsis. We had no idea what kind of an emotional impact it would have on our lives and the lives of our fans, and that it would become a seminal record for us after all this time. To celebrate, we and Frenchkiss Records have put together a limited-run, 10-year anniversary vinyl..." 

Shining opener "You & I" is the album's calling card, bathing synthetic drums in warm organs and surfy guitars, and the band's signature sky-high harmonies. "Heavy Feet" marries hand claps and sparse chords with a driving snare and one of the most remarkable choruses on the album. "Colombia," written for a member's mother who passed away unexpectedly, is the album's swollen heart moment, a love letter from a son to a parent which grows in beautiful, orchestral complexity around a simple, plaintive chorus. Like all of Hummingbird, the song carries with it not just a melodic richness, but a quality of catharsis and grace – a moment to be examined and ultimately enjoyed.