KT Tunstall - Nut LP


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Grammy-nominated Scottish musician KT Tunstall burst onto the music scene with her 2004 multi-platinum debut, Eye to the Telescope, which spawned the global hits "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and "Suddenly I See." In the last few years, Tunstall has expanded on these musical selves by focusing on a trilogy of records, where each album zeroes in on a single concept: soul, body and mind. And the new NUT is the mind record. In keeping with the album's theme, "Canyons," a song propelled by a grimy, heavy rock riff, is about the brain, and explores the parallels between humans developing unique identities, and the way nature evolves and is shaped over time. "NUT is the culmination of a seven-year project," Tunstall says. "It's the final part of a trilogy of records that has spanned probably the most extreme and profound period of change in my life. The personal arc of these three records has been pretty extraordinary for me."