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"This is the album of mine that most people are familiar with and it spawned the only thing resembling a "hit" that I have had... the song, "Freeker by the Speaker." I recorded it in Northern Virginia at Bias studio and had my friends Ty North (Leftover Salmon) on bass and Dave Watts (The Motet) on drums. I named it 'Laugh' because we laughed a lot in the studio and it fit myself imposed, one syllable album title requirement. I think this was right around the end of my 12th string guitar phase. The album cover has hundreds of tiny photos of people I knew and worked with and they were compiled by my friend, Ken Crampton. It's got 13 originals and a pair of covers, "Spring Buds" by Michael Hedges and "Freakshow" by Ani DiFranco. I am especially proud of the "Freeker Reprise" at the end, which consists of a long improv studio session. This record was a lot of fun to make an induced a lot of laughs." - Keller Williams