Kali Uchis - Isolation LP (Blue Vinyl)

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Interscope Records commemorates the five year anniversary of Kali Uchis' debut album Isolation with a colored vinyl LP reissue. Hop scotching effortlessly between myriad genres, Uchis' mellifluous vocals shifting from sassy to angry, sultry to stinging, it's the sound of a musician coming fully, and gloriously, into her own. Shaped with a perfectionist's touch over two years, Isolation is an "open journal" of an album, one that maps moments of self-discovery in song. It builds on the classic pop and doo-wop blueprint of her Por Vida EP, to fully realize Uchis's sound, aided by an impressive cast of guests. Bookended by the airy, flute-laced "Body Language," and the immaculately orchestrated soul of "Killer," it turns through R&B, on the stuttering beats and skanking guitar of "Miami," and the "post-apocalyptic love song" "Tyrant," by way of popping funk on "Just A Stranger." Taken as a whole, the record doubles as both sleek, immaculate soul and Uchis' battlecry against the small-town cynicism she encountered growing up in Virginia. Upon release, Isolation received widespread praise from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NME and more and has since been certified gold by the RIAA.