Into It. Over It. - 15 Years LP (Red Vinyl)


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Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Chicago, Into It. Over It. Is an indie rock powerhouse that has been enchanting audiences since it's inception in 2007. Fronted by the prolific singer-songwriter Evan Thomas Weiss, the band's emotionally charged lyrics and dynamic sound have garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated global following.

Founded in 2007 by Evan Weiss, Into It. Over It. #emerged from the rich tapestry of Chicago's music culture. Weiss, driven by a passion for indie rock and the emotive realms of music, set out to create a sonic voyage that encapsulated his personal experiences and inner reflections. The name "Into It. Over It." encapsulates the paradox of fervor and introspection that defines the band's artistry. The band's debut album, "Proper," released in 2011, marked a watershed moment for Into It. Over It. Bursting with poignant lyricism and an electrifying fusion of melodies, the album resonated deeply with