Inexorum - Equinox Vigil LP (Orange with Red Splatter)


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Minneapolis duo INEXORUM present the bands latest and most powerful release to date titled, Equinox Vigil, due for release on June 17, 2022 via Gilead Media.

Eight new tracks show members Carl Skildum and Matt Kirkwold deep-diving into profound new territories since the bands 2020, critically-acclaimed release Moonlit Navigation (Gilead Media), by highlighting masterful arrangements of anthemic triumph and conviction. Compelling and bittersweet odes gleam sadness through vignettes of memorable riffs and heart-pounding percussion. Ripping and dynamic melodies take hold while frost-bound vocals demand you to follow the duo into self-reflecting battle. INEXORUM have found their stride and demand you hear their battle cry!

Originally founded as a solo outlet by Carl Skildum (Antiverse, Obsequiae live lineup), INEXORUM is joined by Matthew Kirkwold (RIAA certified producer, also of Antiverse and Obsequiae live lineup). Inspired by 80’s NWOBHM and the foundational intersection between black and death metal from bands like Mork Gryning, Dawn, and Sacramentum, Skildum and Kirkwood have created a timeless sound all their own, laced in themes of navigating the human experience, religious hypocrisy, self-healing, science, death, and the natural environment surrounding the duo in the Minnesota landscape.