Ibex Angel Order - I CD


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We're proud to announce that the debut IBEX ANGEL ORDER album, entitled simply "I" (one), is set to be released by the hands of Daemon Worship on CD and LP in the upcoming months.

The album presents itself as an Occult Black Metal seance, assembled of hypnotizing riffs and ritual chants, with violent percussion framing it. Hymns to Abraxas. A stylistically unique offering, which evolved from FUNERAL GOAT, yet turned into something much more refined. Featuring ex-members of SAURON (from the ashes of which FUNERAL GOAT originally awakened) and members of VERBUM VERUS, PLANET AIDS and ABYSMAL DARKENING. Featuring artwork by Ubertragic Art, this masterpiece was mastered by the renowned Greg Chandler of ESOTERIC and LYCHGATE fame, who also produced albums for such bands as CRUCIAMENTUM, GRAVE MIASMA and MACABRE OMEN.

To be released as a black polycarbonate CD in a digipack with a 12-page booklet and a majestic heavy gatefold LP with illustrations printed with metallic golden foil.