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Overall, few specifics are known of Philadelphia black metal trio Hexer. They began writing together in 2008, releasing a demo in 2009 and two cassette EPs in 2011 which were distributed locally. There have been no live performances and the identities of those involved have been withheld, known only as Phlegethon (guitar, bass), Lazarus (guitar, drum programming), and Ansgar (vocals.)

This 2013 LP release contains Hexer’s 2011 cassette releases, remastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording, with brilliant new art created by vocalist Ansgar. Throughout this self-titled LP, Hexer skillfully combine elements of old-school thrash with the second wave of Norwegian black metal, crafted using the genre’s traditional lo-fi aesthetic, creating an album that is furiously bleak and totally visceral. Combine that with just a hint of d-beat and Finnish black metal and Hexer deliver a record that draws influence from the genre’s past while adding their own vitality. They have indeed provided a formidable addition to the US black metal scene.

Throughout the 36 minutes of their debut LP, Hexer tell of humanity’s undoing through its own actions. They weave a tale of complete and total annihilation