Gucci Mane - Breath Of Fresh Air LP (Clear Vinyl w/Autographed Insert)


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Gucci Mane revealed that he plans to go in a new direction with the upcoming LP. During an interview with Zane Lowe for New Music Daily, he revealed that the deaths of various friends impacted his decision. “Ever since, I guess November of when Dolph passed away and my artist Scarr passing away and TakeOff passing away and Pooh locked up and Foo locked up, that’s why I kind of named my album a Breath of Fresh Air,” he explained. Gucci Mane then described wanting to set a better example with his latest project. “I just, like I said, let me just try to be the person … I’m just not in the mood to hear a whole bunch of drilling and killing and this and that and not saying that I haven’t did that before, but just right now, just let me just kind of lead by example and show people that it is more to rap about than my opps and all that.” - Hot New Hip Hop